Archer: Swiss Miss

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I decided to watch the new show Archer because it was the show’s first episode. The program is about a struggling secret agent organization called “ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service)” who are take on missions for money. It was a pretty cool show and I consumed alot from watching that one episode. This cartoon was pretty funny and they hinted at alot of social problems relevant to us today such as terrorism, salary cuts, and foreign relations. They also pushed alot of sex in this episode, but that’s all they pushed it didn’t seem as if they were trying to advertise anything else besides sex, that’s how they kept the audience entertained and occupied. All of these issues were displayed briefly during the first few opening scenes. Then they were extensively shown throughout the rest of the program. Terrorist were an integral part in the plot of this episode. Sterling Archer, a hypersexual and the best secret agent in “ISIS” and a couple of his colleagues are sent on a dangerous mission to protect a big time European corporate executive and his daughter from terrorist. ISIS has an ulterior motive though, they’re also trying to land donations from the German CEO to help their depressed organization. Due to insufficient funding the Boss of ISIS Malory Archer, Sterling Archer’s mother had to make steep eight percent salary cuts to all of her employees in the institution. Malory usually doesn’t take on dangerous missions, but had to do so for the lucrative opportunities available. By making the main characters in the epiode Sterling Archer an appealing middle aged American man and the CEO’s daughter a lustful, advancing, yet under-aged teenager attracted to Sterling, the producers kept our attention with this relationship. But I look at that relationship as a personification of foreign relations because in my perspective it shows how institutions operate with eachother for certain goods and services with a comedic twist.

Although I find programs like Archer funny, I typically wouldn’t watch something like this because I wouldn’t want to let myself be influenced by the agenda that the producers are trying to push.


Koch Records

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    Koch records is probably the biggest and most influential independent record label in the industry. They believe that they are the fastest growing independent record label in the country. It surprises me that Koch isn’t under one of the five major record companie’s corporate umbrella. Koch records is as big as it is because it covers artists from every major musical genre although they cover more rap artist than musicians from any other genre. Koch is a great gateway for new artist because they don’t have an agenda to push like the major labels and they have all the same resources as the major labels such as distribution centers so that their artist’s music can be made and heard. A few of the artists that Koch represents are Faith Evans, Brian McKnight, Slim Thug, KRS-One, HateBreed, and Black Label Society.

    Koch’s marketing scheme is to reach fans from every musical genre becuse they support artist from nearly every genre. The label actively supports it’s artist by sponsoring shows an events for it’s artists. They also post music videos by their artists on their website and ringtones you can buy too. Koch seems to have no problem pushing their artists, they’ve been around for six years and in those six years they’ve really grown into an independent powerhouse.

    As an independent label I know that Koch’s ascension did not come easy by any means. Just like any other independent label in the industry Koch had a very hard time getting off the ground. It’s very hard for an independent label to make any impac because the five major record labels have nearly the whole industry divided between them. When they were first founded they signed alot of country, classical and rock artists, but they found little success in those artists. In the 2000s Koch began to sign more hip hop acts and soon became one of the most powerful record labels on the hip hop front. That was how Koch rose to where it is now and the most success.

    Altough Koch rose to power as a hip hop and rap powerhouse, Koch is often referred to as the rappers graveyard. Koch is referred to as the rappers graveyard because alot of washed up rappers land a deal with Koch towards the end of their careers. Even though Koch likes to boast that they are fiercely independent they have sold out to E1 Music a subsidary of Universal Music Group. It is very hard for an independent label to maintain it’s independent status while growing because of the temptation to sell out to the major labels. This is an ongoing battle in the industry that I do not see ending anytime soon.

As we all know the internet is used by everyone around the world, but not everyone uses it the same way. Some countries give their people more freedoms when it comes to the internet while other countries may only give few specific privileges to their people. For example in times of peace here in America we expierence unchallenged freedom on the use of the internet. Where as in countries such as North Korea, they have strict guidelines on the use of the internet. As we’ve seen in Egypt lately a government has the power to cut off internet communication entirely. Egypt halted their internet use when an anonymous 26 page documented began to sweep through the demonstraters impowering and instructing them against Mubarak’s government. In my opinion that was a bold move that was made way too soon. This sudden freeze of wireless communication sent Egypt into a widespread frenzy of anger and total chaos. If that were to happen here in America, which is quite possible, I believe it would be even more wild and chaotic. With all the new raves on the internet such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Oovoo you would know by now that social networking has a large following and influence within the internet community. It comes to my suprise that few politicians have tried to exploit these social networking outlets too their advantage. I believe that these social networks are too boom and bust like to carry the momentum needed to swing a campaign in their favor or bring about social change.

The rise and use of blogs in the political arena and campaign on the trail could revolutionize political news beats like we’ve never seen before. With the power to quickly send and recieve messages directly, political blogs will throw a brand new curve to the campaign trail because these blogs can be very specific on the issues the candidates will represent. I believe that these blogs will allow the candidates to grow closer to to their constituents, because their followers will be able to recieve the news that they are looking for on that individual candidate and will be able to give their feedback as well. These new political candidates should take into account their constituents feedback so they can better understand their voters. I have personally never heard of Politico or any of the other blogs mentioned. Reading the article was the first time I heard of any of those websites.